SASF SnakeEye Type II
SAFS SnakeEye Type II



This is an unofficial site dedicated to the S.F.3.D / Ma.K. ZbV3000 model kits, designs and other material related to the work of Japanese model maker / artist Kow Yokoyama. Kow's SF3D Original designs, now renamed Ma.K. ZbV3000, became popular through a long-running photoseries in the magazine Hobby Japan. They were produced as plastic kits of unmatched quality by NITTO Japan and were the first major science fiction kits released that included etched metal parts, springs, pieces of wire and decent decals. The attention to detail and moulding quality was excellent, finally elevating the science fiction kit to the level of kits offered by Tamiya and Hasegawa.





Updated the Nitto Fliege page to include images of the kit sprues and decals.


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