SAFS Mk III Raptor


Ma.K Web Links
  • Kow's Yokoyama
    Sensei Yokoyama's website.
  • Roboterkampf
    Devoted and mad Ma.K collector, Jason's site has a wealth of information on the Ma.K universe.
  • Krugers Krieger
    Bryan's models defy description. Great site with plenty of photos complete wth narratives on how he constructed his models.
  • Ma.K ZbV3000 forum
    Web forum for MaK'o'philes. Keep abreast on the latest Ma.K news.
  • Rocketfin Hobbies
    A very comprehensive site for plastic and resin modelers. Contains a huge listing of URLs for all types of interests.
  • Futch Factor
    A very awesome site.

On-Line Stores

  • Hobby Link Japan
    Good source of new Ma.K kit releases. Also carries the range of Kow's recently released books. Offers a modern online shopping cart. In English.
  • Rainbow Ten
    A faithful source of Ma.K kits and books, offers a great service in exchange for a basic web site. R10 is also willing to source products they don't carry. In English.