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PKA Gustav
PK41 Hornisse
SAFS MkI Fireball

SAFSR Raccoon
TW47 Krote
HAFS Jerry
PK40 Fledermaus
NS465 Neuspotter
PKA H1 Heinrich
PKAK Konrad
PKAF Fliege
Figure Set 1
Figure Set 2

FNS465 Krachenvogel
PKH103 Nutrocker
SAFSR Prowler
PKAW (K) Kauz
Clear Kit 1
Clear Kit 2
SAFS MkI 1/6 scale
SAFS MkI Fireball SG 1/6 scale
PKAM Melusine 1/6 scale



Nitto were the original manufacturers of the Ma.K kits back in the early eighties which used the now defunct SF3D logo as the title for the range of kits designed by Kow Yokoyama and friends. Kow's models appeared in a on-going photoseries in Hobby Japan magazine through most of the early eighties. The kits were unique for their time in that they contained metal parts, springs and wire and included with every model was a prepunched, double sided card that could be inserted into a standard ring-binder file and collected as a separate series to the kits. Even the bases of the kit boxes had a image similar to the cards that was prepunched on the original SF3D kits (subsequently dropped on the reissues) that could also be cutout and put into a binder.

Some of the original kits turn up regularly on eBay such as the Neuspotter but expect to pay outlandish prices for them. Some of the kits are still available from Nitto although this may be for wholesalers only.

WAVE have now taken over the rights to produce the Ma.K kits as Nitto have now finally ceased production. WAVE have kicked off their new range with the AFS Luna Pawn, a space version of the venerable AFS MkII suit using all new mouldings including rectifying the width of the body on the AFS suits as the original was too wide.

Nitto's website is here.