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On-Screen Display

The POLVISION On-Screen Display  ( Video Inserter, Screenwriter, Video Overlay) overlays Date, Time and Text on a live video signal.

The unit offers many features some of which are listed below:

  • PS/2 Keyboard,
  • RS-232,
  • Date & Time line at the top/bottom of the screen, selectable with F4 key,
  • 10 pages of text, configured as 24 columns x 9 rows,
  • fast access to Pages by pressing numerical keys,
  • no external video signal is required, internal blue background,
  • easy correction of Date and Time with Leap Year feature,
  • separate battery back up for Date&Time and Pages,
  • Watch Dog Timer,
  • automatic synchronisation to external video signal,
  • black fringe characters,
  • choice of some graphical characters,
  • positioning of the overlayed screen,
  • the video output is power fall bypassed.

Housing options:

  • 1U 19" industrial style,
  • rugged plastic enclosure,
  • open frame.

Manual  OSD V6 in PDF format
Manual  OSD V7 in PDF format

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